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    TGA Graduate.
    Your boutique graduate recruiting agency.

So you've been advertising everywhere possible and find yourself stuck with a pile of resumes to skim through just to find the one.
At TGA Graduate, we believe in doing things a little differently.
We favor Quality over Quantity. We understand that connecting with, engaging and attracting the new generation is more complex now than ever before.
Our mission is to simplify your work and support you to win over that perfect fit with no fuss and zero waste.
So jump on board TGA Graduate - your boutique graduate recruitment partner.

Sneak peek of our capabilities

1. Promote your Brand

Go beyond the simple job board. Showcase your company's brand, values and culture on your mobile app. Let them know why should them come and work with you.


Build connection at a personal level and groom loyalty using their preferred device.. This is your chance to attract the right students or win over the most sought after talents.

3. Scout diverse and talented individuals

Tell us your perfect candidate, we will scout it for you. Then review our shortlisted digital profiles using your dedicated recruitment channel. And grab the one while its hot.

And these are only the tip of the iceberg

Be part of our premium network and once a month, join The TGA Auction days. This is your chance to snatch the perfect gem before they get swept away by your competitors.
Bidding currency
: The best of what your company has to offer.
Drop us an email at getinvolved@tgagraduate.com to find out more!

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