I don’t think I really could have done anything as beneficial as Teach For Australia.

Stephen Flegg | Cohort 1 Associate | Hometown: Redcliffe QLD
Bachelor of Commerce | Master of Applied Finance | 
Portfolio Manager | AMP Capital

Having benefitted from a privileged education, Stephen Flegg came out of university believing that quality education should be available to every student in Australia. Teach For Australia’s vision that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential resonated strongly.
Stephen believes that an overall approach to addressing educational equity can only be strengthened by quality teaching where it is needed most.
It does fundamentally start with lots of people just doing their little bit,” says Stephen, a Portfolio Manager at AMP Capital who spent two years teaching at McGuire College in Shepparton.
The opportunity to get straight into the classroom and build relationships with the students gave him a direct pathway for impact. I genuinely feel that I’ve helped the vast majority of the kids in my classes to be better at school and better equipped to deal with life. And I think it gave me a better outlook and a deeper understanding of what’s needed to address the kind of issues that people have to overcome,” says Stephen.
Stephen’s two years in the classroom not only gave him an increased understanding of educational disadvantage, but also the skills that are currently propelling him to positions of influence in the corporate world.
While I was with Teach For Australia I built up significant maturity and leadership skills. Other people have picked up on that, and it’s the reason why I’ve been able to fast-track my career,” he says, citing his ability to communicate with influence and drive to achieving outcomes with both clients and colleagues. 
Many young people can’t do that. Most young people have never built those experiences, but Teach For Australia Associates have to do it five periods a day, every day for two years.”
According to Stephen, the self-directed aspect of teaching allows graduates to quickly develop coveted life skills such as maturity and leadership. He quickly improved his vital” organisation skills and developed practices that allowed him to work optimally and effectively in a dynamic working environment.
Standing at the front of the classroom, you’ve got the responsibility for everything that goes on,” says Stephen.
It gives you a confidence that never leaves you. When you’ve got 20 kids in front of you, if you don’t give them direction and leadership it turns to chaos pretty quickly.