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Our Vision

To create a brilliant connected future for everyone. To create is our responsibility. The brilliant connected future won't happen on its own. It has to be delivered — and only Telstra can bring together all the parts to create it.

Our Mission

A brilliant connected future is our aspiration. It's what we need to build for every one of our customers. It's our responsibility to the nation and every market we work in. For everyone is crucial. We serve everyone. Change doesn't happen if only a chosen few benefit. Transformation happens when enough people get the technologies that create social, economic and cultural change. This all adds up to a single, guiding fact: it’s why we do what we do.

Our Culture

We are creating a values-led culture that is more diverse, responsive, innovative and collaborative than ever before. Getting this right is vital to our ability to deliver on our purpose and business strategy. We know that when our people are engaged, and given opportunities to learn and grow in their roles, they enjoy greater job satisfaction and are more likely to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our Values

"A purpose on its own is not enough. We also need values to express what we stand for and guide the way we do things. Our values are core to our business and we align everything we do with them. Here at Telstra, we have five core values. • Show you care • Better together • Trust each other to deliver • Make the complex simple • Find your courage These are the values we stand for—the values by which we measure all of our actions. "




Why Join Us

You deserve a reward

A top ten graduate employer As one of Australia's Top 10 listed companies and a Global Fortune 500 company, we’re one of the country’s largest and most iconic organisations. We’re winning awards year after year for our customer service and we’re the brains behind Next G™, Australia's largest and most reliable national mobile network. Oh, and did we say that we’re in the top ten of graduate employers in Australia and the number 1 telecommunications employer in the country? Amazing people Putting the customer at the centre of our business means we’re making major innovations in our technology, operations, brand and culture. And that means incredible opportunities and experiences to kick-start your career. You (and your ideas) will find a warm welcome and plenty of support from the Telstra family. One of the things that makes this such an amazing environment for graduates is our people - people who’ll support your development and with whom you’ll achieve amazing things. You’ll soon find that being passionate about what you do doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as well. Innovation at work With us the phrase ‘big ideas’ isn’t just a slogan – you’ll explore new territory and collaborate with some of the greatest minds in the industry to delight our customers in remarkable and innovative ways. You could be working on all sorts of great things like our 24/7 customer support page on Facebook, the Telstra iPad app, marketing Cloud Services to our business, solving complex and engineering issues or working on HR initiatives – like this Graduate Program. A career like no other We’re shaping the way we do business so that we never lose sight of what’s at the heart of it all – our customers. We’re changing the services we offer, and we’re leading Australia into a better-connected future. As we evolve, so do our career opportunities, making this a place where you can achieve things not possible anywhere else. We’re excited about where the future is taking us and we hope you can join us on our journey.

From Our Recent


Simon Wong

Project Specialist

My role as a project specialist at Telstra involves working on a range of business improvement initiatives. The main responsibility of a project specialist involves managing key stakeholders across Telstra; delivering according to the agreed timeline and providing a successful and measurable outcome. Recently I took on a secondment opportunity to work in Hong Kong for six months; tasked with setting up the business intelligent capability for global sales operations.

Sean Gan

Business Sales Specialist

After completing the graduate program in July 2013, I was lucky enough to land the role I wanted which was Digital Sales Specialist. I’m responsible for the online sales numbers for all of Small Business at Telstra. In my role I’ve developed skills in digital marketing, digital sales, e-commerce and stakeholder management. On a day-to-day basis I work closely with product marketing, manufacturers and operations teams to drive online sales and shift volume into the online channel. I also work with colleagues across the business on requirements for new IT development, e.g. e-commerce capability in our online shops. In a world that is going digital very quickly Telstra is a great place to learn and put into practice digital skills. Telstra Digital is full of passionate people, it makes coming to work extremely easy.

Trent Pavlovich

Account Executive

My role as Account Executive involves establishing and managing my customers’ ongoing relationship with Telstra, working with my very own defined portfolio of 20 customers in the Enterprise space. A typical day involves meeting with customers and facilitating forums and events to retain and establish new business. What I enjoy most about my role is that it’s like running your very own business; collaboratively managing stakeholders from across our business and integrated partners to deliver ICT solutions to our customers. A taste of what we offer is Unified Communications, Information as a Service, Software as a Service, and Video Conferencing - just to name a few. An exciting opportunity I’m currently working on with a customer is establishing a cloud strategy for their organisation to move their IT infrastructure into our Managed Data Centre.

Gigi Silk

Communications Advisor

I’m an Internal Communications Advisor for Telstra Business – I’m part of a team that ensures that we are communicating the right things to the right people; everything from corporate news stories and campaign launches to internal social media posts. This means I need to work with the other teams in the wider Communications group (including PR, Social Media, Media and CEO Communications) to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the company. Recently, I’ve been working on creating a new internal communications strategy: this means I get to put my own stamp on how and what we are communicating to the team. One of the things that I love the most about my role is that you never really know what you’ll be doing tomorrow – you might be writing a news story, creating a communications plan for the latest mobile phone or writing a quick grab to be shared on our internal social media channel.

Veronica Nguyen

Organisational Change Analyst

I work in Global Services, a key strategic growth area for Telstra that’s rapidly expanding its services and reach outside of Australia. It’s an exciting, time for the business but also one of immense change in terms of our processes, tools, team structures and culture to support our evolution. As an Organisational Change Analyst, I support one of our delivery arms in managing this change, and building up knowledge and resilience for individuals for the increasingly dynamic operation that Global Services is becoming. I work closely with the Senior Leadership Team in strategic team projects and planning which has been fantastic exposure. At the same time my role dictates that I need to understand the people and environment, so the most rewarding part of this job is building relationships with people who are at the operational heart of the business, and getting them on-board the change.

Bianca Premraj

Market Specialist

Telstra is always introducing new products and offers to our customer base. As a Go To Market Specialist, I’m responsible for preparing our retail stores, business centres and contact centres for these launches. Specifically, this means making sure all relevant Telstra consultants know about upcoming launches; from knowing how to have the right sales conversation to, inputting sales into our systems - ultimately it’s about making sure they can deliver the best customer experience. To do this I draft and distribute communications, conduct briefings to consultants within Australia and overseas, get sneak-peaks of customer collateral and advertising, and organise launch day activities. Just recently, I’ve worked on major device launches including the new iPads and iPhones, the introduction of new mobile plans, and multiple customer promotions. I absolutely love how fast-paced and dynamic the role is, with new products and offers coming onto the roadmap all the time. It’s pretty cool knowing about launches before they happen too!

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